Un ensemble de mesures appliquées à grande échelle produira des résultats identiques ou semblables dans des sociétés différentes et à des moments différents.

La Courneuve 93, París.

Aquellos Que Esperan is collective and multi-format project in constant development documenting life in the Orcasur district of Madrid, since October 2012.

In this period of work we have approached the urban planning, analyzing the architectural model and its impact in population. We have compiled archive material and information about Orcasur origins, when it was just a shanty settlement and how it mutated to a neighborhood. We have investigated too the different social crisis suffered, heroin and crime, and the actual recession with changes in adjacent industry and the increase in the number of unemployed.

We have translated these experiences to our own language, comparing individual and place. All this to nd out how and why Orcasur is, making a neighborhood scan which allows to set up a rst point of departure and continue with a long hauls multidisciplinary work, where photography is a crucial feature but where the driving forces are investigation and social development.

Relying on photography, video, audio recording and wording, and based on the opportunities offered by different production and exhibition formats, we seek to create a new narrative code by means of development and investigation in the space of present day new documentary style.

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